Price List

Overall Designs and Pantographs:

I charge .015 per square inch. To figure your square inches, multiply the length times the width of your quilt top.  My minimum Charge is $45.00.

Custom quilting:
I am accepting Custom quilting and design on a case by case basis.  I am happy to discuss your quilt and custom options with you.  Custom quilting includes, ruler work, stitching in the ditch and free motion designs (feathers, etc)  My base price for custom quilting and design is .030 per square inch.  Fee will depend on the complexity and density of the design.


I use only Hobs 80/20 and Quilters Dream Products at this time. I charge by the size. Please ask for current pricing.

You are more than welcome to send your own batting, please contact me prior to mailing so we can be sure the batting you wish to use will work for your quilt.  The inexpensive battings are not suitable for longarm quilting as they bunch up and often create lumps under the quilt top.

Please do not send Mountain Mist or High Loft Polyester batting, it does not work well for longarm quilting.  If your batting pulls apart like cotton candy it will not work, period.


I can, on pre-arranged terms, provide a backing for your quilt.  Please contact me for current pricing and availability.

Binding Services:

I am more than happy to attach your premade binding to either the front or the back so you can finish by hand.
I am happy to make binding, from your fabric, and attach to both sides, this is $35.00
I charge a trimming fee of $15.00 and attaching fee of $20.00 for this service.  (This is to trim and bind).  You will be returned a quilt ready to be loved right out of the box.
If you would like the quilt trimmed, and binding attached to the topside for you to hand stitch to the back this is $20.00

Trimming Service:

For a small fee of $15.00 I will trim your quilt to the edges of the top.

Loose Threads:

If your quilt top has abundant (that's a lot of them)  loose threads I will add a thread trimming fee of $15.00.  Loose threads will wrap around the hopping foot and may damage the machine.  The fee is due to the fact that I will have to stop after each row and trim your threads, taking up much more time.

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